Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shopping for Produce

Great news for everyone out in the blogesphere wondering just when you can expect to see The Friendly Vegetarian's firt recipe: I'm hard at work on great recipes right now! Thanks to the help of my wonderful husband and son they should be up in the near future.

But, before we start making all of these wonderful vegetarian dishes I think it is super important that you know how to pick the best and freshest produce available for your recipes.

I was going to write a blog on this and then I discovered that Marianna from one of my favorite blogs Green Mama's Pad (http://greenmamaspad.blogspot.com/) had already blogged about picking the best produce. Marianna is wonderful and had excellent resources on this so I've decided to link you to her post. Not only will you gain the knowledge to picking wonderful fruits and veggies, but you'll quickly discover the blog that is Green Mama's Pad. Soon you'll not only be following her blog, but reading it every day!

Thanks again for posting this wonderful resource Marianna!
The Friendly Vegetarian


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  1. Thanks for the link!! I can't wait to read some recipes. :)