Friday, March 6, 2009

Just a quick friendly note

Hey everyone! Just a quick friendly note from me, The Friendly Vegetarian. I was trying to stockpile some blogs for future posting. Seeing as how I'm still new to blogging I didn't realize that when I went to post them, they would not show up as listed as being published the date that I clicked the "publish post" button. Be looking for new posts. My newest is from yesterday and is on vegetarian nutrition.
Be ready for more posts! AJ and I are spending some quality mommy/son time tonight making marshmallows! I can't wait! We love to cook and bake together!
Have a great day veggies!
Love always,
The Friendly Vegetarian


  1. Go to your posts in edit mode, under your post 'post options' click on that and you can put any date, past or future and they will show up.

    (you can delete this comment after you do it ;) )

  2. And yay for your new blog! Can't wait to learn from you!

  3. love the new blog, and would love to make marshmellows please share that with us. Yum

  4. Toni, you're in luck! The marshmallows are sitting overnight right now to dry out and tomorrow we will be cutting them into fun shapes!